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Solar Heater

Solar heater is a device that collects energy from the sun in the form of heat rather than
using the sun’s energy to produce electricity, as is the case with solar photovoltaics. Solar

heater provides space heating and water heating, which is to be used in residential,
commercial, or industrial facilities with help of solar thermal collector.
In our latitudes, the sun shining on 1m2 of roof replaces 100 l of heating oil or 100 m3 of
natural gas (approximately 1 000 kWh) a year. Generally speaking, it is possible to heat 50
to 70 % of the water used in the kitchen and the bathroom in this way. However, a back-up
heating system is required for times when there is insufficient luminosity.
Solar space heating techniques circulate the heated liquid in a radiant heat system through
piping in the walls or floors to allow the heat to naturally warm indoor spaces.
Moreover, we have solar heaters that passively warm air instead of a liquid, which are
commonly used in the UK and other European countries. By warming external air and then
circulating it indoors, these systems provide a unique method of space heating using
renewable energy.
When there is insufficient sunlight, the water is preheated and a back-up system takes over
to bring the water to the required temperature. This system can therefore be used at a
constant temperature throughout the year.
There are two types of techniques used in solar heaters:
Active solar heating
Passive solar heating

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